What do you think about the 1994 chevy lumina 3.1 L Engine?

i am thinking of buying one off a co/worker


Is there anywhere I can find a push button ignition switch for my 2001 mitsubishi eclipse?

It's a good engine they've produced it until 2004 when the Chevy Malibu design changed. The LG8 engine is used in the Pontiac Grand Am, the Chevy Lumina and in the Chevy Malibu with only minor design changes over the years meaning your not going to run out of parts anytime soon. As far as the engine goes it's great on gas, low noise and low maintenance. If it's a 94 get a mechanic to give it a look over as early 90's cars are prone to overheating (worn water pumps, clogged radiators, e.t.c) also get a carfax report 10 bucks lets you know if its been crashed, rebuilt, abandoned or if its a lemon. I assume your co/worker didn't buy this car new. Good Luck

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it`s a good engine

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It is a 1994 over 10 years old so expect problems. As far as the motor goes it is a good engine. I would be more worried about all the other stuff surrounding the motor.

My 2001 malibu is making a ticking noise that seems to fade as it runs, any idea what it could be maybe lifter

It's a good motor. Easy and cheep to repair and very plentiful (used motors). Just don't expect to much form this old of a car and you will be fine.

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Piece of junk.

Would you get a warranty for a 81k SAAB 9-5 3.0L diesel? Reasons yes/no are gratefully recieved :-)?

Just another boring V6. It's good at what it does. Just nothing special about it.

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Good motor, just likely to leak oil and/or antifreeze from the intake and oil pump drive. Good luck.

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the engines are good,the transmissions are crap depending on the mileage look to do a tranny rebuild in a yr or so if it dont already need it the 3.1's are good but the 3.8 is good to theyre the best motors beside the 350 gm made!
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