1984 Honda Accord leaks water from the radiator cap. Can you tell me what maybe causing this?

I am looking for someone who can tell me what would cause the 1984 Honda Accord to leak water after it runs a few from the radiator cap.


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Bad radiator cap would be far and away the most likely reason. They do go bad, the only other possibility is a blown headgasket, but even then the water should fill and then dump out of the coolant overflow bottle if the radiator cap works correctly. Go buy yourself a new radiator cap and be done with it.

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The rubber gasket on the radiator cap is probably shot.
Buy a new radiator cap. They are cheap.

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Could be that's it's simply not down all the way. You have to use quite a bit of force pushing down and turning at the same time until you feel it lock in place. Make sure you do it while the engine is cool so it has no pressure on it.

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You Need To Change The Thermostat, It Might Be Clogged.But It Should Still Not Leak Unless It OverHeats And The Cap Blows.

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the cap is bad when it build pressure it cause it to leak the rubber seal on the cap is bad replace the cap about $10
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