1988 chevy silverado k1500 5 wires got melted on exhaust manifold passengers side?

I fixed the melted wire by adding a new section of wire and then I soldered the ends and taped them. the fuel pump fuse has no power to it, I put in new fuel pump relay still nothing it was running really rought then it died, I tested the wiring to the fuel pump and had no voltage in the fuse panel in the truck I dont know what happened when the wires melted there was 5 that got melted on the passengers side 1 to the 4 wheel drive I didnt trace the others so I dont know what they where for.


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Check for blown fusible links. These are usually located near the starter + battery connection. Some are hidden in a black box mounted on the firewall. A fusible link is nothing more than a small diameter wire designed to melt under extreme high current draw. Now that I think of it -I'm almost sure you have the black box type connection. It's only about 2x3 inches with a 14 guage wire in and wire out. Pop it open to reveal the wire connections and a small ,bridging wire between the two. Otherwise look for the fat,short cylinders built into the wires comming off the battery+ connection at or near the starter.( these are the fusible links). Just check for voltage with a good,sharp probe-(to pierce through the wire insulation) before and after the 'link' to determine the failure.

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Check for a burned open circuit of one of the fuse links off of the starter.If not I don`t know.

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More then likely you have burnt up a fusible link.

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Check the fuse behind the relay center on the firewall on the pass. side under the hood, there shoud be a in-line fuse there for the fuel pump.
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