i have recently bought a 1988 Nissan 300zx... and it has gas in it and the battery works well.. but i cant get it to start... i heard theres a shut off switch for the car and i want to kno if anybody knows about it and where in the car it's located...


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If your asking about the battery saver switch that they use to shut the electrical power off in the car so that the battery doesn't go dead while its on the boat coming over from Japan or while its sitting in storage, then that switch, when used is in the fuse box. I think the 1988 had one of those.

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If the car cranks then the switch is not the problem. The obvious place to start is to find out if you have spark. You didn't mention if the car was running or not when you got it. if it never ran, you start with the basics; check for spark and fuel pressure, then listen to hear if the fuel injectors are clicking as you crank the engine. if it was running when you got it then something changed; possibly a distributor rotor or cap problem with wear, a crack or water in the cap. There is the possibility that the timing belt is broken or that the engine has jumped time. Again, start with checking for spark and go from there.

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I have never heard of a shut off switch for any kind of car, so I would check the starter and spark plugs/wires.

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if ur talking of a shut off switch, its probably the gas valve or w/e. try looking in your manual, but usually the switch is in the trunk under the carpeting on the side

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Unfortunately there can be several switches that need to be activated for some cars to start. Some standard shift cars have switches on the clutch pedal that prevent the car from being started without the clutch pedal pushed in. Most automatic cars have 'neutral safety' switches that prevent a car from being started with the gear selector in any position other than 'park' and 'neutral'. These can be located either on the steering column, or somewhere on the transmission. Some alarm systems have 'kill' switches that prevent the car from being started unless the either the alarm is deactivated or a toggle switch is flipped. Unfortunately, these can be located anywhere, but are typically within reach of the driver's seat.

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If any of these switches is bad, it can be a real pain to troubleshoot without a decent multimeter.

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Good luck!

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have you looked in the trunk area..i have hit a deer and it shut the fuel off and the tow trunk driver messed with a switch that was in the trunk...to get my car started..it was a ford escort though

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Sorry no shut off valve for your car. Your vehicle uses a fuel check valve. If you think your having a fuel problem then start with having someone turn the key to the start position while you remove the fuel cap and listen to see if your pump is running. If you don't hear the pump then it could be no power to it or a bad pump. If you don't have power to it check your fuses and relays.

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It is possible it's the Inertia switch, however if the car has not been hit or wrecked I do not think this would be your problem. (This switch can be located anywhere on the car. Most often it is in the trunk however it can also be located under the dash, engine compartment, Rear seat, or under the passenger side front seat.) With this being a 1988 nissan 300ZX I am going to put my money on a bad fuel pump. This is the most common cause for a no fuel situation. while you are replacing the fuel pump replace your fuel filter as well. Hope this helps.

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check fuel pressure-spark -compression

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there is three things necessary for an engine to run

Compresser ??

there is no magical shut off switch.
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check twinturbo.net or 300zx club.com.These sites are deciated to z folks. They have great forums and knowledgeable people to help.
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