1961 Gmc Pickup?

I have a choice to either rebuild it ,(if I do im putting a 572 crate engine in it) or just buy a 1995 Hummer H1(fully loaded), which should I do


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I'd do the pickup. When I see an H1 doing anything other than hard core off-road I think the owner must be compensating for something . . . . small.

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Now a well done 61 pickup with a tire ripping 572 that's cool.

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There are a lot more Hummers & only a few '61 GMC P/U

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That is just a matter of opinion. Me personally I would pick the Pick up. What you do not look at is the gas the Hummer is goint to cost. They get like 10 gallons a gallon. So for every 20 gallons you put in, that is like $30 you could have saved on the pick up. Why in a years time the gas saved will pay for the engine.
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