"I am confused between BMW car or Mercedes, which one you consider as most premier/luxury, if you have to buy?



BMW is more of a drivers car but a merc is more of a car you be driven around in, i prefer the BMW but that is because i feel it is the better car to drive and the M power cars are simply amazing, mercs are more upper class luxury for example the s class is proably the best luxury car around at the moment, but it should be remembered that if you do want your luxury merc to go like sink just get a AMG model, think the S class AMG has 500bhp+!

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I have always bought BMW but that is mainly because the local Mercedes dealers in our area are not very efficient.

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It depends on the models you are interested in. Let me know what type of model of each make.

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I personally like BMW's after Mercedes was bought by Chrysler.not that they've lost their prestige, but maybe the quality. They have so many models coming out, I can assure you that the next thing mercedes will bring to the market is mini van.what? exactly...!

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Get an M5 man in Le Mans Blue.that is the ultimate machine!!

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To specifically answer your question the most premier/luxury car is without a doubt a Mercedes. Thats because of the differences between the brands. Mercedes has a stronger focus on luxury and luxurious technologies while BMW is focused on performance above luxury. According to BMW every one of their cars are performance cars while Mercedes cars do perform they do not do it to the level that BMW's do. And it's the same the other way around. BMW's are luxurious but they do not have the luxury of a Mercedes. You can pick up any automotive publication when they do tests of the luxury flagships and the results year after year resemble this: 1. Mercedes S-class 2. BMW 7 series 3. Audi A8 4. Jaguar XJ... etc.
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