1994 Honda Civic CX: Questions related to coolant tank.?

Some mysterious object hit my gf's Honda Civic front bumper through the left side. (We couldn't find the object, no other cars around) - anyhow it penetrated through the bumper and clipped a plastic tank inside the bumper. This small tank contained coolant.

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The tank itself is intact. The black tube that leads from the bottom of this tank up towards the radiator shattered at the point that it joined to the plastic tank. The plastic tank is now empty.

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It was dark out and I could not see enough to be more specific. I'll return today and get the problem resolved.

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Assuming there is coolant in the radiator itself will it be safe for the engine if I drive the car far enough (less < 10 miles) to get it to a mechanic?? I'm concerned about overheating and don't know if this tank is part of the engine coolant's circulation system or if its just an extra reservoir.

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What is the name of the part at the bottom of the plastic tank where the plastic tube hooks in?


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I own a shop, and the best advice I can give you is; take the vehicle to a mechanic, and have them give you an estimate on the repairs. To me it sounds like something the insurance company would cover. A lot of junk falls from the sky everyday, and its getting worse all the time. I would think getting nailed by a UFO is the first good one I have heard today. It is a fact of life that junk falls from the sky, but it was probably a bat, or an owl that flies around at night that hit the car. The tank you are talking about may not even be coolant, it may be for the windshield washer, because there is nothing in the bottom of a coolant recovery tank except a hose. There is a pump in the bottom of a windshield washer tank though. That's probably what it is. Drive it to a mechanic, and keep an eye on the temperature of the engine in case there is damage that you can't see to the radiator.
Glad to help out, Good Luck!

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That reservoir is called the coolant recovery tank for your vehicle. Yes, you could still drive the car. Just check the radiator . Open the cap and if you see water or the green stuff you are good to go. You could go to a junk yard and get a spare there. Reason is the labor the mechanic will charge you is what you could have spent on a nice cheap tool set to take the reservoir tank out of another vehicle. It is not that hard either.

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But the tip is called a nipple of the coolant recovery tank where the tube would go on. No special name though

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If you plan to keep the car another year then get this.

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Get a Haynes Repair Manual at the local Auto Zone or auto parts store in your area. It will troubleshoot and show you how to fix your vehicle. Also on the Auto Zone site has a section for vehicle maintenance.
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