1.6 rockers in my 305?

what would I have to do to put 1.6 ratio rockers in my 87' 305 TPI or is it possible


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They will fit with no further modifications either stamped steel or roller tip. The roller tipped rockers give a very accurate 1.6 ratio. Stamped and roller tipped rockers have geometric problems. You may or most likely not be getting true 1.6 rockers throughout all 16 that you'll buy. Go to Comp. Cams to learn why push rod lengths need to be measured and played with when figuring rocker tip sweep angles across the valve tips.

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country's answer is good, but you may need to elongate the pushrod holes to allow for the extra longitudinal movement caused by the longer ratio. the lisle corporation makes a tool called the "Louis tool" that holds a drill bit for you so you can accurately drill the holes out a bit
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