1985 chevy caprice classic keeps slowing down on the highway and then shuts off what could be the problem?

when i drive the car around the neighborhood the car runs fine. but when i get ready to put her on the highway she slows down and stops and its a pain tryna get her to start back up. i have to get a jump and she will start but it does it all over again. also when i try to start it up i hear clicking noise from the carburator


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might be time to get a new car, 1985 that car has defiantly served it's purpose especially a Chevy

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check your exhaust pipe, did you back over a high curb and smash it? if it's blocked your car will do that. I had one that did the same thing, and my exhaust pipe was smashed flat, very simple to fix

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It sounds like the accelerator pump.

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Sounds like the electronic modulator is going bad.

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You need to isolate the problem .. it is one of two things .. either it is not getting enough fuel or it is an electronic problem.

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When it dies on the highway, get it off the road as quick as possible, open the hood, remove the breather and see if you can see and smell gas (strong enough to know it is getting plenty) in the carburetor .. if fuel is the problem, then replace the fuel filter ... if it is getting enough fuel, then it is electronic and would point to the electronic modulator.

1988 nissan maxima ,, doesn't seem to be shifting into 4th gear even with the overdrive button pushed in ?

double the value of this car and take it in to shop and have them diagnose it for eighty bucks. i am guessing u have a bad distributor but being this car is old enough to drink, it could be anything.

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You might want to check and replace the fuel filter for a start . If that does not help check the fuel pump . But I feel that you need to replace the filter , Have a Good day

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Yes, most likely it's the fuel filter.

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i own a shop ,and probably one thing it may need is a good battery and also a good tune up might help it,when those cars get some miles on the the timing chain and gears get bad in them and it makes them constantly give problems,you might wan to have this one checked by a mechanic,good luck with it,i hope this helps.

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It could be a bad carb. a bad fuel pump a bad timing chain, your car may need a tune up.

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if the battery is going dead you might have a bad altinator or a bad ground somewere the clicking noise might not be a valve or a lifter my best advise is to wait until its dark and then pop the hood and look for a spark in the area you hear the clicking that also could be a cause for some of your problems

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sound,s like your alternator is only producing at low r,p,m....this may not show on a standard voltage test...have it tested at high r,p,m...under high demand......... I remember correctly 1985 was the last year for the electric Rochester carburetor....that,s probably what you are hearing...as your battery go.s dead...the solenoid in the carb. disengage,s...replace your alternator & all will be fine.

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i love that car, don't sell it, just get a new carb.
if the problem start when you put your foot on the accelerator, it should be air balance problem or the fuel jets inside teh carbrator closed wtih carbon. clean hte carburator and try.

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you have to get a jump and you hear a clicking sound...sounds like an electrical problem to me. That clicking isn't coming from the carb, it's coming from the solenoid. I'd imagine your battery is bad. Do your lights still work at night? Maybe it's the alternator not charging the battery the way it should.
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