What causes a car engine to diesel .when you shut it off?

my motor keeps running and knocking .its a 1986 dodge ram 50 pickup with a 4 cyl gas motor


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many things cause that,but the most common is incorrect spark timing
can also be caused by lots of carbon-soot build-up in the combustion chambers
try adding some Lucas fuel treatment
you could also give her a "new york" tune-up:drive at 70 in 3rd gear for about 5 miles and blow the soot out.

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timing is off..

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timing is advance

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either you can try running it on a higher grade of gas or you need to adjust yor timing.

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Irving is closest to right. Timing has nothing to do with the engine running after the ignition is turned off. Bad gasoline is the chief cause of dieseling in gasoline engines. There could be enough carbon buildup on the piston tops to increase the compression enough to cause even good gas to detonate from combustion. Check out the fuel additives at your local parts store and get something that will burn off the carbon, and get a higher grade of gasoline. Try gas from a station that you don't use all the time and see if that will cure the problem.

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The previous poster is correct...dieseling is generally caused by carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. The deposits get hot, and on carbeurated cars, you only shut off the ignition when you switch off the car, so the hot carbon deposits act to ignite the fuel. Easiest method to stop it is to leave the truck in "drive", shut off the ignition, then move the shifter to Park. The slight load on the engine prevents it from turning so easily, which keeps the cylinder from being as likely to receive a fresh charge.

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The only other real option is to have the head rebuilt, which will remove the accumulated carbon deposits. They'll come back, though.
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