1994 Plymouth Voyager Transmission problems...Please help!!?

How much would it cost to replace by way of scrap yard? It has overdrive ( 3.6 V6) Any suggestions please.


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Tranny should run $400 and up. Try car-parts.com , fill your info and pick one. Standard has 1 for $550. Better check your motor size again. 3.0/3.3/3.8 ltr 3 or 4 speed?
By the way Frank, sounds like a redneck driving a chevy pickup. Built by his brother/father in his own back yard.

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That transmission will cost more that that piece of junk is ever going to be worth. Save your money and buy a Canadian car. Oh yeah they don't make cars of there own eh. Well buy another car and give your van to Red Green and he'll find a good use for it eh?

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I have the exact vehicle and at 183,000 I'm keeping it.Yes, transmissions for them can be even costly for used ones.But some junkyards will sell them cheap if you remove it yourself.Check in your area for this kind of junkyard and save big.If you should decide to remove the trans yourself.Look for a vehicle that may have been in an accident and that is why it is there.Also look for low mileage and perhaps how well the vehicle may have been taken care of.Check the fluid for any possible burnt smell.The fluid should be a reddish color and not look too dirty.Remove the drain pan and inspect for damage and or 'metal shavings' Transmissions with a gritty sludge at bottom of pan is normal for fairly high mileage.If you have never done this kind of job.Sell the van to someone who can.Even in good shape, it is only worth about $900.00 tops here in the US.
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