1995 Escort -- Need More Speed!?

I recently purchased a 1995 Ford Escort LX. I would've preferred the updated model, but this one came at the right price so I jumped at the offer. Anyhow, I have the standard 1.9L engine which is noticeably slower than the 2.0L I have been accustomed to driving in the newer model. Would it be difficult and/or expensive to put a larger engine into my car? It's in decent condition with 112k miles. Manual transmission. Thanks!


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Get rid of it and buy a real car.The escort is a point a to point b car only any high speed driving will only cost you loads money in repairs heck even regular driving will cost a lot in repairs. then you can say to your freinds" look how much money I can spend on a slow unreliable stuipd looking car"

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how about selling it and buying a decent car. i don't know why you would want to put money into an escort. save it for a newer car.

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if you got it cheap you would probley spend more money on a different motor, save your money for a better car,all escorts are crap for power and speed

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drive it till the wheels fall off as is.


There's no way to make an Escort into a cool car.

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There's no need for a car capable of 150 mph when the highest speed limit in the country is a relatively short stretch in Texas at 80, most of Texas having 70 mph max.

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put a hamster in it.

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Get rid of it and buy a real car. Escorts are for chicks.

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swap the engine out foe the forb probe engine. Its a 2.0L and some of the earlier models were available with turbo. Then go from there. Besides all the other guys will be mad when you beat them in an escort. And that provides you with an unlimited amount of smack talk.

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buy a mustang!
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