1992 lexus coupe jerks and make loud noises when it's in gear. what is wrong with it?

I have 1992 Lexus es400 coupe.this problem started and got worse in 1 day.The car makes a big thump sound when driving or backing up.But now it jerks and shakes so strong and loud metal grinding kind of noise when it's being driven. When put in gear only,it's okay,but it acts up when you step on the break or the gas paddle.It feels like some kind of metal that is being grinded when you try to go forward or backward. Loud screaching noise where you can hear a mile away.Please help me with this question.It'll be too expensive to take to shop.


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I think it's much worse than an adjustment. Your transmission is probably disintegrating because of lack of lubricant, adjustment or loose part(s) getting chewed-up when driving!!

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Sorry if you scream or something!!

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sorry to say but its shop time, and a Lexus shop at that. without seeing it, feeling it, hearing it, its hard to say. could be as simple as a caliper froze up and is locking a tire.

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but it sounds like one of the pistons in the transmission went out that moves oil around. I know some of the older GS's had this issue.

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I wouldn't drive it, for it will just do more damage and cost you more in repairs. either have it towed to Lexus or at least a transmission shop for a free inspection.

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be warned.if its transmission, have a minimum of $800 ready, it will start there and go up.

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It sounds like one of two things, transmission or differential, either way, $$$$$$$. It is easy to check if it is the diff. Just have someone look under the car to see if the tail shaft, connecting the transmission to the diff, is rotating when the noise is present. If it is, the diff is shot, if not, the transmission needs fixing.

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Good luck.
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