What can i do to make my mom's mitsubishi galant go as fast as a saleen mustang or at least a GT?

my mom has a 4 cylinder 4 dr galant everything stock under the hood any advice on how to make it go really fast? o and btw its auto transmission


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its ur moms car.. not urs.. if u drop in the v6, and get a 5speed.. u can pass the gt.. no lie.. get a CAI, headers, full exhaust.. and u are faster then him.. the GT.. the saleen, u need to turbo it and blah blah blah.. saleens are fast.

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No hope, trade it in!

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about the only way to make a jap car go that fast is to take the emblems off the jap car and put them on the American car

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First, get rid of the auto. The power you're looking for will kill the trans very quickly - not to mention that it will suck about 17% of your power just running the stupid thing.

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Next, you're looking at a turbo - this is the only possible way to make that sort of power. Don't get your hopes up, though - Mitsubishi engines aren't very good at holding together at decent horsepower levels. Even the new EVO VIII was withdrawn from the WRC for unreliability, and that's a full factory job with an almost unlimited budget. Then you can start thinking about all the work you'll have to do to the suspension, brakes...ain't no good having power if you can't use it.

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Basically, for the cost of about 4 Mustangs (possibly more), you could possibly make your car as fast - but it will fall apart very quickly. This isn't to say that good power can't be extracted from small engines - but this is not the car to do it with.

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What did you mom say? If you really want it to go faster then the Saleen or GT then your looking are more money then the car is worth. Aftermarket turbo, head work, engine work. Exhaust system new computer, new internals for the transmission to allow it to handle the new ponies. Not to mention changing the final drive of the transmission. You’re asking an economy car to be a race car. You can spend thousands of dollars and most likely still fall short. these motors are just not built for a lot of pressure to be put on them. If you have the cash do it but it's not going to be worth your time.

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Get rid of the hopeless Jap thing. Go by a Mustang.Like they say.It's like showing up at a gun fight.with limp noodle.

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You won't reach those speeds, but you can make them go a lot faster. Change the cam shaft for a good quality racer. Replace the standard exhaust manifold with a set of tuned extractors, or headers as they are also known. I would also recommend replacement of the old auto box with a manual one. Apart from that, you can also have the computer upgraded with a race chip. As I said, no mustang or such, but a whole lot faster.

I have a Honda Civic 2006 and I wanna make it faster without making 'major' engine modifications. What to do?

Whew you can do a lot of thing with this baby. First, change the engine. I suggest you go out and buy a 4G63T MIVEC engine with a manual tranny of course. Upgrade you intake with an upgrade on your filters, headers, and muffler. Add a turbo, intercooler, plugs, and ECU. you might want to consider upgrading the brakes when you have this all. hehe.


A nice set of rims and bodykit will compliment the speed!

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An exercise in futility, Gil.

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Anything is possible with with enough money. That said the amount of money needed to put in the galant to make it fast enough to beat a saleen would be more than the what the car is worth.
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