What can i do to my computer to make my ram hemi 4X4 go faster?

ive heard alot that if u know or know someone that knows how to adjust the computer on ur vehicle u can get alot of horsepower or did i hear wrong?anyways what is a good way to make my hemi go faster..no supercharger or turbocharge those are too expensive for me. thanks


Tot tom sat nav?

hypertech performance chip its about $150 gives you about 20% gain plus improves mpg.

Where can I find a user manual for a BMW 530 xd?

Install an automatic grammar checker on your computer.

MPG for 2007 nissan altima?

performance chip, cheapest way

Question for Corvette owners (or previous owners)?

getting a cold air intake will increase it by 10 - 15 hp. and if you are planning to get performance chip, make sure you don't get any of the cheap ones on ebay. they're most likely to be scams.

I have an 01 Mustang.?

i own a repair shop and because of the way this one is geared,your not going to get as much out of it as you would a two wheel drive one,there just not geared for speed,but pulling and hauling you cant beat them ,nothing but a diesel with out pull them,but speed isn't one of there strong point,there geared for power,not speed,good luck i hope this helps.

Would u lower a jeep?

Performance "flash" update. This may help some, but nothing beats a supercharger. Or it may just toast your computer and void your warranty.
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