1990 ford f-150 smoking black?

it smokes black smoke while running


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Black means running too rich.. check oxy sensors, and other controls.. It will burn up the catalytic converter if you run it long like that.

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You're burning oil. Check for a head gasket failure.

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Your engine is getting too much fuel. Have the fuel / air mixture adjusted.

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i own a repair shop,and this means its loading up real bad on gas ,or almost creating a flooding condition on it,you need to take it and have it scanned to see whats causing this,it can be a bad sensor on it,or anything,it may also just need a real good tune up,that often helps one a lot,but either way it needs fixed,auto zone can scan it for you free of charge,and tell you if it has any bad sensors on it at all,and this will help you in repairing it,that's about all i can tell you other than wish you good luck with it,,and i hope this helps.

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It's running too rich. Check your fuel pressure, if it's too high the pressure regulator is stuck. You could also have a bad coolant tempreture sensor oxygen sensor or MAP sensor. You may just want to take it to a professional because there are tons of things that can cause this.

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Black smoke is that Your engine is running too rich ** means air fuel ratio as more fuel then air**Don,t replace you o2 before diagnosing proprely, O2 only mesure the fuel air do not control it .I would first check fuel pressure .Too much fuel pressure from defective regulator could be a possibility..It should be around 38 psi..Check your air filter for behing clogged.Also MASS AIR SENSOR is what mesures the amount of air entering engine if this gives a wrong reading to the pcm it would make it run rich could be dirty from dirty air filter Dirt gets on the small heated elements and causes wrong reading ..This a only a few possibilities. Want to add that air fuel ratio is pcm controlled no way of manually adjusting it.Bring it to a competent shop that have a scanner that can monitor Data from the pcm so to see if any readings are out of specs

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Engine running too cold, too much fuel pressure, busted fuel pressure regulator, or map sensor

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I use to see a lot of these with EGR (exaust gas recirculation) valves that get stuck in the open position due to built up carbon. If that is the case then replace it. There are a lot of things that can cause black smoke, this is just one scenario.
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