1977 chevy sounds like gridding when i got it torked up?

i just got the truck this passed weekend when i go down the road and getting on it good it sounds like something rattling and grinding sounds it sounds like it it is coming from the tranmission or the motor it has a 350 motor just got put in it a few years back 5 years ago and a new tranmmission the same time and the truck has been parked in like 2004 but the motor runs good??? would like to know what is wrong need to know fast don't want to tare somthing out and it has 35s mud tires and it shifts a little hard it might have a shift kit in it i don't know but when u go down the road easy it shifts fine


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you need to listen and follow the sound

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Grinding sounds might be the flex plate.

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Does it have a body lift? If so, the hard shifting could easily be a problem with the shift linkage.

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check your motor and transmission mounts. perhaps when you stomp the gas the motor is torquing up and the fan blade is hitting the fan shroud. Seen this problem many times.

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Check your motor mounts. I had an old 1970 Z-28 with a 350 in it. My motor mounts broke. If I leaned on it hard the engine would actually flop over and back. Look at your fan and your radiator to see if the fan might have hit anywhere around it. My car made a bad grinding sound too, and that was the problem. Unfortunately my car had been hit sometime before I bought it. The motor mounts did not line up properly and that's why they kept breaking. If you haven't run a carfax report on this vehicle, you should try that. I think it only costs about $20. If your truck has ever been hit, it should show up there, and then you will have a good idea of what you need to fix.

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it is a 4x4 it don't have a body lift nor a spenche lift i know all about lifts i got a 12inch lift on a 1987 chevy with 44s the blade aint hitting nuttin checked that but the truck was jacked up like 8 years ago with a 8 inch lift and it is a 1/2 ton it only does it going down the road and i can kock it in N and it goes away then put it back in drive and give it some gas but the best way it put it it kinda sounds like a ford diesel truck the older like 95 model trucks when the are runing

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Possibly the transfer case has let one of the forks get off one side of the gear it slides letting the chain get skewed on that particular gear. I had it happen to my 88 with 200k plus on it and a bushing had let a fork get off line. This would depend on which transfer you have, a 77 ought to be a NP203 or 205 but even these can get a gear cockeyed.
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