1993 Nissan Maxima Transmission Rebuild?

I have a 1993 Nissan Maxima with 107K miles. Its a good car, but it wont run due to a transmission problem.

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AAMCO is quoting $2700 to rebuild the transmission with a 1 Year, 12K miles warranty.

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Is it worth to go for the rebuild? Is AAMCO a ripoff?

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I am concerned that AAMCO is not trying to charge $2700 for a $700 worth of work.

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Please advice.


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for that type of money i would buy a good use car

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I'd look for a junked 89-94 Maxima and buy the trans for $150-200 and put it in myself. I've done that with good results on a '92.

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AAMCO is indeed a ripoff. rebuild on that trnny should be half that price, if not a little less. I know independant shops that will do it for less than $1000.

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I once had a guy at AAMCO show me a pan with enought fine metal particles to make one of the gears in the bottom, trying to convince me I needed a rebuild on a Suburban with only 50K miles on it and running well. I told him to put the thing back together and i sold it running fine three years and 50K miles later running fine.

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Somebody needs to do an expose in the media on transmission shops.

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I think that's a bit high. For that, you could buy a used transmission with a warranty. The problem is the warranty is probably going to be somewhat short and you don't really know what you're getting.

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First, do the math. Is your 1993 worth a $2,700 transmission? This may be more than the value of the entire car. Last April, I sold my 1993 Maxima SE needing a rebuild of the VTC modules and the replacement of the timing chain. Yes, my transmission could have used a rebuild as it would hold first gear for longer than it should. No including the transmission rebuild, the other repairs were about $4,000 repair. However, I had 400,000 miles on the car with no major problems up to that point (even had the original muffler and shocks/struts). I ended up selling the car for $500.

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I had a 91 Nissan Maxima that I had to have a transmission rebuild on. It cost me $1500, from a local transmission shop that I was refered to from a trusted mechanic.
I would NOT bring my car to AAMCO to get anything done. $2700 seems to be way too high of a price and I personally do not trust their work. Shop around to find better prices, you'll see that the local guys that have been around for a while and who actually have a reputation to uphold do great work and know what they are doing. AAMCO is just a name, and with hourly employees they don't really care how the work is done (my mechanic told me to shop around for prices if I didn't want to go through him, but specifically said not to go to AAMCO). From what I have heard about them, they always end up charging more money in the end for mysterious unforseen problems that pop up.
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