How much would it be if I bought a new motor for my car?

OKay my car is an 1989 Chevy Blazer 4.3 and it has around 3 hundred thousand miles, you guys think it's worth or I should just buy me a new car?


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A price on a mew engine can be found at places like summit or advance.

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If it's otherwise usable and in decent condition a new engine would very likely cost less than a new vehicle.

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The 4.3 is a pretty solid engine, but at 300k it could probably use a rebuild which could cost as much as just getting a new one.

On the other hand, a new motor and converting it to electric would cost a little more but end up being less in the long run. :-)

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You have a computer with a search engine .
Just Google that question.

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well it costs 1500 for a chevy 350 stock and i recently rebuilt my 91 4.3 and i think it was like 700 dollars although i was working for advance auto parts and got 20 percent off of anything i needed for it, parts are dime a dozen for it. and i spent a total of 3500 to rebuild all of the suspension, brakes motor, steering and a few minor things

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Plan to spend ~$1000+ for the motor, then you've got to account for labor to install, probably another $1000+. Car is almost 20 yrs old w/ 300k miles, better to bit the bullet buy a new car or used car.

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It all depends on what you have into the blazer and whether or not its worth it, You have to take into account all of the other stuff that is going to start going wrong with it and how much is it going to nickle and dime you and whether it leaves you on the side of the road at 200am because at 300k it is going to start breaking down, but if it has been taken real good care of and the maintenance has all been done on it when it is supposed to be then for about 3500 you can have a brand new 4.3 installed and it may last you another 150k before something major goes wrong.
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