What are bolt on parts for motors?

I have a 2006 civic si and heard about parts to tune up ur care and was wondering what else for engine besides intake.


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Bolt-ons are usually things like:
Cold Air Intake
Header back Exhaust
Performance Spark plugs and Wires
Computer Chips
Larger Fuel Injectors
Larger MAF (I think ur car has a MAF)

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Basically, anything that doesn't include opening up the engine and modifying the internals (Port and Polish, Bore Cyl, Forged Pistons and Rods, Cams, etc.)

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And of course, the BIGGEST gain for the money is Nitrous. But PLEASE dont use it until you know about it and how to use it properly. I have seen WAY too many "Oops" situations from people with nitrous, from crashes to blown pistons.

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Also, I would not recommend Nitrous until you have (at least) the above listed bolt ons and possibly forged internals (if you want a large direct port kit) Dry systems are ok on most stock motors, wet systems require bolt ons, and Direct port might be ok on bolt ons (But i would NEVER risk it with my car).

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Then there are turbo and super chargers, but again, do all the bolt ons first before these or they will hurt your car.

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Ok, enough of my ramble.

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Good luck with ur car

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Exhaust system, performance chip, turbo or supercharger.

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The Head , flue pump, spark plugs and wires(bigger Gage)
computer chip, exc.
Go to honda fourm.com i think thats the name of it

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Well Bolt on's can be a lot of things. Anything that does not require custom work or excessive Auto knowledge to install is considered a "bolt on" item. And also, if it requires just a few bolts and gaskets to install perfectly, than its usually a bolt on. Examples:
*Custom exhaust systems (not requiring welding)
*Intake (simple pipe and filter)
*a turbo can be a bolt on, but requires further mods and tuning to safely run a turbo, or Supercharger.
etc, take your pick or do them all!! lol
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