Does anyone know how to set the clock in a 2001 dodge caravan?


What tires are best for a Chrysler Neon??

look in the owners manual

Why did the lights in my 1999 Chevy Malibu quit working?

Being in the UK, not a bloomin' idea. Except if there are any buttons near it press one and hold it for a couple of seconds and see what happens.
If there are no buttons but holes stick a ball point pen in and wait a bit.

Ford probe 94 problems?

If you think I have been helpful youre a better man than me !!

Toyota Camry interchanging motors?

start b y pushing every conceivable button on the dash until the clock makes some sort of blinking or change. then remember what you did. then try to get it to actually change. the button copuld be on the stereo, on the clock on the dash, and it also may be in the OWNERS MANUAL. duh

How much gas does a honda accord 03 V6 hold?

On my 2004 Stratus, there are two little tiny holes right next to the display where you have to insert a pen or pin into the hole to set the clock. One hole is for the hours, the other for minutes.

Did Chevrolet make a 305 SS truck in 1990-93?

I hope this helps.

Could any GMC owners (especially Acadia) tell me what the +/- button on the tranny shifter does?

You have to push the little holes next to the clock with a pointy object.

How can I convert my 03 ram hemi to run on ethanol or mix?

there are two little buttons. you have to turn off the radio to do this. press and hold the hour one until it moves, repeat for the minute. its a pain and a fine tipped pen works best.
good luck

Is There A Bentley conversion for a lincoln town car?

Check with the local Dodge dealer they can print you out that section of the owners manual. Or if you're real nice, they can have a mechanic show you.
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