What are the advantages of a short ram?


Car Problems?

Less likely to get water and dirt build up and you can see the filter when you open the hood.

Can u put a chrysler 300 steering wheel into a chrysler sebring?

What the other guy said, although I saw in Honda Tuning an experiment they did with trying to suck water up a cold air intake - it's not as easy as you might think according to them. I'm not sure if I believe them or not. Also, it is easy to take out and clean the filter. That being said, it is sucking in HOT air under the hood, right by the engine, instead of colder air outside of the engine bay. This can be detrimental to performance and hurt your engine's life.

Solara - Convertible; fun, reliable, safe, worth it?

If you are going to get an intake, go cold air. And go with AEM and make sure you get the water bypass valve. Well worth the money to save your engine.
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