1996 Dodge Ram?

how do you remove the stock radio from the truck?


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1. Remove the dash trim around the radio . should be several Hex Screws in the dash trim

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2. Remove upper right and lower left mounting screws from front of the radio

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3. Remove mounting screw from back of radio

The best 300 six cylinder performance mods?

4. Unplug the two wiring harnesses from the back of the radio also unplug the antenna located at the back of the radio towards the bottom

Anyone knows what a catalytic converter insufficiency means on my 01 vw jetta vr6? the check engine is on .?

The Radio should be able to pull out of the dash now

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Follow the directions from the guy above.
Yup. Its that easy! Of course, i taught him everything he knows.

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I would follow the first answer listed here.

Difference between base and RS Camaro? (2000 model)?

MXican would remove it with a crowbar and take it to a local pawn shop.

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He is street taught and a product of his environment.

Where is the fuse that controls the radio, on-board clock, and side mirrors on a 1998 Toyota Corolla?

1. If you have a cup holder above the radio, pull it out and remove the 2 Phillips screws holding it in.
2. If you have an ash tray under the radio, pull it out and remove the 2 Phillips screws holding it in.
3.The dash trim around the gages , ac/heater controls, and radio just snaps into place. You will have to drop the steering wheel to its lowest position if tilt wheel, or remove the 2 screws that hold the column up. Put the trans in neutral so the trim can clear the shifter.
4. 2 screws hold the radio in, remove them, pull out the radio far enough to get to the wiring. Unplug the 2 connectors if stereo, one if not. Unplug the ground wire and antenna.
5. Replace in reverse order.
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