1992 Merecedes Benz 190E?

my rear windows won't roll down and the only thing I think it could be is the regulator anyone have any idea how much and how long and how to do a job like this?


You say your an educated consumer-then you buy a Ford?? Why?

Both windows? I doubt both regulators are gone.

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The rear window circuit in this car is very wierd. It passes through the switches on the center console on the way to the switches on the back doors. I've had problems where a loose connection in the console or a bad switch up front will knock out both windows. You'd have to get a voltmeter and the nutty electrical diagram and spend a couple of happy hours tracing out the wiring. It's painfully complicated for such a simple function, so if you get to doing this, post back with questions.

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If it ends up being a problem in the doors, then it could be the motors or the regulators. The motors are costly, as are the regulators. Installation is a bit tricky, but not especially difficult. I would guess that replacing the whole mechanism would take about an hour and a half per side.

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I would suggest that you take the time to figure out the actual problem, because while nothing is crazy expensive, the cost of replacing stuff by guesswork will add up quickly.

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i would think it would not be too expensive---but the car is very old so maybe have the whole car looked at too while you are at it to be on the safe side

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Ive had the same problem except mine was an '89. Its the motor, or the switch. it takes about 20 mins for each window. the only pain is getting the door panels off.
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