04 Nissan Maxima undr attack~~`?

hey guyz.. i have a 04 nissan maxima wit abt 57000 miles on it.. te prb of this car is tat whn i start the heating of this car... the passenger side works perfectly.. there is no problm of heat coming outside from those vent but the problem is from the drivers side.. cuz whn i open up the driver side vent.. cold air comes in.. it'z like the whole side of the side A/C is broken.. any suggestionz .. please do let me know.. i want to get tat thing fixed.. asap... let me know wat you got...


Dynomax Exhaust?

Please write your question up like you have more than a forth grade education. You might get more useful responses. I stopped reading after the second line.

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Yeah learn how to spell. You sound like an idiot.

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Who cares its a Japanese. Support the UAW and buy a Chevy

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^^^ The 2004-present maximas are manufactured in TN. Don't be ignorant. Get your facts straight.

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The best way to find out about your problem is to take it to an independent mechanic or the dealer to get the problem diagnosed. It's probably just a stuck vent inside the dash ... who knows.

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Best of Luck.

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its a dual zone system . passenger and drivers side have there own temp displays on the info screen .. read the temp on the drivers side if its not higher than passenger side it will blow colder
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