1995 4.3 Vortech blazer broken key?

My friend aquired a totaled blazer, and paid about $1000 for it because of the engine. It can drive, but will never see the road again. Problem is, he just broke the key off and it wont start, and hes gotta move it out of his garage. He really wants a diagram to see which wires he can use to bypass the ignition, but i cant find one anywhere. can anyone point me to a diagram or which wires are hot?


I have a 740il 1992 BMW, and i have noticed it saying "PDS Fluid Low", what is PDS Fluid?

Try www.the ranger station.com and scroll on tech library for Chevrolet Blazer wiring diagrams or visit your local Chevrolet or GMC dealer service department to look up your information from one of their shop service manuals.

Any one know anything about a Lincoln LS?

If you don`t want to keap the steering column there is a linkage rod on the left side under the plastic you can get to it by taking a pare of needle nose pliers and brake the plastic and push it down till it cranks over
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