12/x =17/7 solve x and provide rounded to nearest tenth?


Whats an ok rims for a bmw 330ci?

12/x = 17/7
12*7/x = 17*7/7
84/x = 17
84*x/x = 17*x
84 = 17x
84/17 = 17x/17
4.9 = x

I have a 2003 BMW Z4... How Do I change the clock/time on my car?

You should just **** your profesor and get an A in the class. It's up to you.

Engine numbers were are they on a vw polo??

4.9 (the things i do for 2 points)

Is a ford KA the right choice or not?

isn't it 28.8?

Which oil (Brand and weight) should be used in a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT?

I am a college student and I found this question challenging

Towing with a 2004 explorer v6?

times both sides by 7
then simpily times both sides by x
divide by 17

Has anyone ever heard of Honda company Lottery International? apparently an affiliate of Honda UK?

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