03 Neon SXT to SRT-4 Conversion?

Does anyone know what would be involved in converting a Stock 2003 Dodge Neon SXT, to a SRT-4? This car has high milleage but is in great condition and I dont want to part with the car but I do want to pep it up. Yea I know its more cost effective to buy a used SRT but, I'd like to break in the parts myself.


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This question comes up often. It certainly is possible, but not easy. The engine and transmission (all SRT-4s and R/Ts have manual transmissions) will fit assuming that you use the special SRT-4 hood. You will also need to take everything in the engine compartment, especially the intercooler, wiring harness and the PCM. Although I have not actually looked, one could assume that you also need to take the steering and rest of the drive train. Note that the front struts, wheels and brakes are distinctive the SRT-4.

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I know you are not in favor of this idea but, I would keep your current '03 and get a SRT-4. Based on the number of SRT-4s out there for sale, you will have an ample selection.

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It has a different engine, ECM, suspension, etc.
Way to hard in my opin...

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best way is to buy a wrecked SRT-4 and put the parts from that on to your neon and make a sleeper car like a few people have already. will ocme out cheaper in the long run. than buying parts to make it in to a SRT-4

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engine swap or turbo swap from an srt-4 would be most practical if you can even call it that( difficult and pricey task). Its fairly easy to find the srt4 front bumper and spoiler make it look similar and just do basic performance upgrades to the engine,ex: a rebuild, port polish, upgraded ecu, free flowing exhaust( maybe even a srt - 4 exhaust), cold air intake, aftermarket turbo.
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