What Does "SXT" stand for on the Dodge Dakota?


I'm thinking of buying a 2006 Ford focus Zx4. Have you had any problems. Does it run good so far?

Is just the trim, and option level.

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Stupid Xing Truck.

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Sport Xtreme

Lowering a 4x4 vehicles tire pressure has what primary advantage when off-roading?

R/T= racing technology
SRT= street racing technology
SXT, SE, LE do not stand for anything, they are just ways to differenciate between different models. Generally SXT models have more optional equipment that say an SE of the same model.

How many toyota cars have you own?

the Dakota SXT, SLT, SLT plus, LARMIE. STAMpede, R/T. this is what they was in 03 and the SXT was the cheapest version of the dakotas. you got a flat black bumper and not much as far as extras. one SXT I test drove that was a quad cab didnt even have power windows. the SLT is the crome packages. the STAMPEDE was the body kit version. the R/T was the preformance dakota.

Wot do i need to put 4.6L motor in my 04 v6 mustang?

don't know what sxt stands for, the previous answer a couple above is stupid. IN reality-

Are Honda parts really better for my Honda or does it matter?

R/T= Road and Track
SRT= He got that ONE right
SXT= Nothing
LE= Limited Edition
SE= Special Edition
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