1969 bug "how much"?

I have a 1969 vw bug I just put in brand new engine and transmission the car runs great I drove it 10miles then parked it how much u think I can sell it for?..all it needs is a paint job has new fenders fiberglass hood rear and front window and carpeting.


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If the car wasn't so old I would have searched on kelly blue book website. The best thing you could possibly do right now is just research other cars listed for sale on the web. Compare your vehicle with the others and make your judgment based upon the other cars condition and price.

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I left some links for you to glance at.

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sorry... less than the engine and transmission cost.

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From appx 1995 to 2003 there was a company buying junk beetles, cutting off everything but the VIN, taking em to Mexico and having a new bug "melded on.

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Essentially brand new Beetles with the old VIN, allowing re-import. They got "double-dated" on the car lots as 1972/2001 for example.

Front diff leak?

That destroyed the value of any except mint condition "used" bugs.

I should have been using premium octane fuel?

Check you ebay-its one of the biggest markets for the older bugs.

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If the heater works without fumes comming through it'll be worth about 50% more than it would otherwise. $2500 would be a good place to start-if everything works and the floorboards are solid.

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depends where you are. when the new beetle came out, the price of nice old beetles went sky high. 69 was a good year: late enough for independent rear suspension, but pre-superbeetle.
if it's clean, put it on ebay, see where she goes.

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With the 69' vw bug it is considered a classic model also seeing that in 69' and on down they were IRS rear suspensioned bugs and that 68' was the last year model for the swingaxle rear suspension. So it could be a potentialy good seller if the rest of the vehicle is up to decent condition.
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