07 chevy Impala?

is the impala front of rear wheel drive?


Coolant leak?

Right now they are front whell drive. In 2008 they are going back to the rear wheel drive, and changing the body design again.

2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid interior storage?

Front wheel drive. I'd be curious to drive the new Impala SS with 303HP all through the front wheels... torque steer, anyone?

Anyone familiar with battery maintenance on a 97 Jetta?

Front wheel drive and a real nice car.

How large is the gas tank of a 2006/2007 Chevy Aveo?

front wheel drive. The next generation impala in 2010 will be rear wheel drive.

Explain what I need to do please?

front wheel but later on they will chaNGE TO REAR WHEEL
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