88 toyota celica gt convertible performance parts?

so i have an 88 celica and it has an automatic transmission on it. does anyone know any little secrets to bring up the horsepower? the car is pretty quick once its rolling but its really slow off the line, any ideas? i found headers and a cold air intake for it but i dont think that will solve my problem will it? i also know that along the same year toyota came out with the gt-four which was a AWD turbo charged engine, i was wondering would it be alot of work if i found one of those engines and swap it along with the drive terrain and what not.


Used volvo cars?

get a K&N air filter,get some iridium spark plugs,less restrictive exaust,bigger injectors,bigger fuel rail,super charger their is all kinds of things to do the question is how much to spend . as for the motor and tranny swap i would just find a generatin 1 mitsubishi eclipse awd turbo and buy it
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