What do you think about the ford EXCURSION!?

Hey, when i found out that ford discontinued the excursion i was pissed!! an suv to come out of the super duty platform is perfect!! and i was just wondering what you all thought about this suv? I just bought one and me and my girlfriend LOVE it! hopefully they will bring them back! mines a 2005 white 6.0 v8 diesel


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I too, am pissed that Ford discontinued to Excursion. I'm glad you LOVE your truck as much as you do. Perhaps if you start a 'fan club', and start collecting signatures, who knows? Remember what happened to the Mustang back in '86 when the Probe was destined to replace the Mustang? ENOUGH people SCREAMED to cause FoMoCo to go to plan 'B' which was to CONTINUE with the rear wheel drive V8 powered sedan which became a HUGE success. Just a maintenance tip for you. Make sure you clean out the EGR passages occasionally, drain the HFCM water separator during every oil change, change BOTH fuel filters every other oil change, use ONLY Ford/Motorcraft replacement parts during service, use the proper grade 15W40 during summer months and 10W30 (bearing the proper CI, or CJ 4 spec of course) when ambient temperatures drop to 32 degress Fahrenheit or less, and lastly, DRIVE THE VEHICLE UNDER HEAVY LOAD regularly, and your 6.0L DIT equipped Excursion will last you for YEARS without trouble. And to NASCAR24, get a life!

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Hey, I made that truck. (Not by myself)

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there's some talk going around that we may be making the extended Expedition at the plant. They are also talking about an extended Navigator. I don't pay too much attention to the talk, for all I know they may already be making them. Just not at our plant. Hope you enjoy the Excursion.

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im glad its gone. It was the one of the worst SUV's ever. It had the worst gas mileage, worst interior, worst reliability, worst handling, and the worst looks. The new Chevy Suburban could make any Excursion fan convert.

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About time that FORD woke up and discountinued the mammoth Excursion. Absurdly large and SUV with disgusting MPG.

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awesome possum!
if only i got like 30 mpg
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