1987 Dodge Ramcharger, runs fine when running...but, when shut off, usually won't restart. Any ideas?

We put a new ignition switch in and new ignition module. No change.


Are there any Nissan strictly junkyards around Riverside, CA (92503)? If so, any contact information?

Well, youre on the right track, and so is Jan t. Make sure you don't have any "crispy" wires going to and from the ballast resistor, they may be broken inside and shorting.

Anyone know what size radiator hose fits a 1990 s10 with a 350 engine?

From past experience...unbolt the ignition module, and sand down the points where it contacts the body of the truck for a better/clean ground. The module grounds through the chassis where it bolts to the body, the voltage regulator does the same.

Do you think that Ford will be out of business?

A crappy ground here can cause mysterious fun sometimes. Seen many fried alternators, exploded batteries and no starts/restarts due to some rust, oxidation and crud preventing good grounds at these point.

On a JDM engine whats a (OBD1) what does it do?

How old is your fuel pump and filter?

What BMW do you drive?

I would check ballast resistor or coil. Either will act up when warm. Ifn that don't work, let Us know and We'll go from there. Dave
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