What do I need to Update my 68 Chevy pickup to disc brakes, it has 12" drums with 8 lug pattern?

I want to keep the 8 lug pattern.
The truck is a 68 chevy longhorn. 1 Ton


Was the v8 Malibu version of the 1967 Chevelle availabel in a 396 engine?

best thing to do is to buy a disc conversion kit, the company where you buy your brakes from should make them

I have a 1886 Ford Bronco ! I put a new fuel pump and anew gas tank on it.It still wont crank.?

Just get a 3/4 ton front end from a later year truck if it is four wheel drive. if it is two wheel drive you just have to buy the front spindles, rotors, calipers, rubber brake lines,new ball joints.
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