Is my 2004 Pontiac Bonneville under warranty at 30,000 miles?


What are the different?

The basic bumper to bumper is 3 years/36000 miles.
The catalytic converter and powertrain control module are covered for 8 years/80000 miles.
The body is warranted against rust through for
10 years/100000 miles.
Sometimes GM will give assistance on vehicles that are out of warranty,especially if the vehicle looks like it has been taken care of.

Daihatsu Terios,has anybody got an unbias opion of this car?

yes it is GM gives a 3yr 36000 mile warranty on all vechiles before 2006. Call GM's 800 # give em your vin and they'll tell you what month this year it expires also try to pay about 800.00 for a extended warranty the eliminates you being inconvienced lated down the line

How to i take appart my steering colomn panal in my 2003 impala.?

depends upon the delivery date. the 36 month/ 36000 mi. starts on this date
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