What do i need for a h22 swap into a 91 prelude engine trany wat else?


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I have a 91 lude as well and I'm about to do this swap! Im on www.preludepower.com and we had a group buy the last couple of months on motor mounts for doing this swap. AZ race in arizona is the only company making mounts for this type of swap and you can get them cheap through pp.com and the group buy.

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Obviously you will need the engine/trans and ecu from an h22 lude. You can buy this from hmotorsonline.com. They have some pretty good prices.

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You need axles and www.raxles.com is currently making them for our ludes.

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Shifting bracket from a 90-93 accord
extra wiring

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Also, when doing this swap you will lose your a/c and power steering. You must have custom made brackets in order to have them.

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You will also need about $4500 just to be on the safe side, if you're doing the swap yourself. It will probably be more if done by a shop. Good luck! If you have any other questions let me know

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Here are some links to help you on this swap:

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Shifting bracket from a 90-93 accord
wiring harness!
and a good tune on that ecu
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