Where can i buy a cold air intake for a 2003 ford taurus SE?


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Oliver, I tried finding one for my 24 valve Sable and I had no luck at all. I did science out the stock system and came up with a pretty good solution.

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Inside the left front plastic fender well you will find the entire stock cold air intake. I took it apart and sawed off the small flared intake horn so the opening is larger. you may elect to remove everything inside the fender well for a larger opening. I'm using a K&N inside the cold air box and all inside air routing is stock.

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If you'd like to see what I'm talking about visit a large salvage yard and take a peak inside a fender of any Taurus or Sable there all the same. Or ask your Ford dealer to copy a blow up page of the intake system.

I want to swap out the 4cyl for a 6 cyl in my 86 dodge ram sport pickup. need to find out how and whats needed

Any design including this one is better than an aftermarket big diameter plastic or anuminum manifold that pulls incomming air from the hot underhood temps. Hot air does not contain as much oxygen than cold outside air.

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Your car is not going to get that much better performance with a cold air intake. They do not make this mod for any Taurus after the SHO model which was discontinued in 1998. The Taurus is not a sports car anyway and you are better off leaving it as is.

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AUTOZONE. If no company makes a kit of that car. they have all the piping and the filters to make your own. It's in the performance isle. It will be cheaper too!

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here's a link to them on ebay.
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