??How do you take a stock shifter knob off a chevy s10??

Im trying to replace my stock shifter knob with a newer one but i dont know how to take it off..
please help
thank you..


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Pull the boot down and you'll find a lock nut there, loosen this and the shifter will screw off. You may have to buy a new shifter extension if only the knob is all you want to replace. These are one piece and screw on from where the boot covers the bottom. There you'll find the nut to loosen and be able to take it off.

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Look for a set screw(s) near the bottom of the knob. It will take an allen wrench but, sometimes these are screwed on tightly, too. You can use a pair of channel locks to do this.

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unscrew it

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Hi,i don't know what year of s10 you have,but most chevs retain the shift knob with a piece of metal that looks like a staple.look on the front of the knob(windshield side) and you should see a flat piece of metal.You will need a pick to grab it & pull it straight out.Then the knob shoulf lift right off.Good luck

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