1994 Lexus ES300 155,000 miles?

On my 95 gs300 with 130k, the speedometer and tachometer needles are not lit up anymore. They flickered till their death. I find it rather difficult to read the speedometer now. What are my options to fix this problem? replace the needle? entire instrument panel? replace some other part?


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hi there ruben!

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that is a very very common problem to Lexus's.

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the dealership can sell you a replacement speedometer and tachometer that will cure your problem. it is very expensive and it is the only way to do it. a junkyard cluster is a bad idea.

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here in San Jose California; there is a person who can actually repair the pointers themselves! i do not know his name but call 1 650 965 0990 and Steve will know (Steve smith auto).

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i hope this helps. good luck!

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I have the same problem. Ive looked everywhere for a new instrument cluster. But unfortunately everytime ive ordered one, they never worked. Also, you cannot replace the needle you have to get a whole instrument cluster.

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Have your local Lexus dealer take a look at it. Might be something small, a lose connection or might need to be a new gauge cluster.

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hm mm... and here I thought that nothing ever went wrong with Lexus's.
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