1985 Camaro?

my car will buck sometimes and it will stall when i idle but will start right back up. any ideas?


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Lots of different stuff could cause stalling,I would start with a new fuel and air filter.But you could wind up just throwing parts at it. If the cheap filters don't fix the problem I would take it to a garage.

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start with a fuel filter then a tune up. I would guess you have a fuel pump problem though

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I'm thinking it's the fuel filter. If it's clogged it may cause it to run the way you said. Replace it. They're cheap enough and usually easy to replace. If that doesn't fix the problem then it could be something else in the fuel system. Maybe the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay.

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you're looking at a grab bag of possible emission and engine control parts that could indirectly cause that.any bad signals from any engine sensor will confuse the computer and make it hiccup. thus causing your stall. alot of garages will do a code scan on your car for a fee, and based on that info, you can isolate the part that needs to be replaced, and get up and running for a moderate price compared to letting the shop fix your problem
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