Iam stationed in germany in the us army and i have a 96 BMW 525TDS (TURBO DIESEL) mint condition with built in phone, leather, moonroof , factory navigation, and 19" factory premium wheels. the car has 87000 miles and im trying to see if i converted it how much it would be worth. this car is not in the kelly blue book or nada.


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cool car! never even laid eyes on one. i'm lusting for a 3 series td/tds. really pisses me off that they won't import these. from what i've heard 50+ mpg is obtainable. i would like to attempt to convert a 325 to a 324td but currently lack the spare time. house renovations currently on tap. if your asking about converting to petro, i wouldn't do it. but that's just me. no idea what the value would be. diesel here a few years ago was cheap compared to petro. but no more. i drove my 524td for a few years, and must say it was a great ride. only issue was a bit heavy and only obtained 29-33mpg. built like a tank. then along came hurricane katrina which dropped a tree limb across the back window. so, its awaiting a good 3 series donor or the scrap yard. if you can figure out a reasonable way to ship it to the naval support base in new orleans you might have a buyer.

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