What do the "Average Speed Check" signs/cameras on motorways mean?

You see them all over the place these days but I never see any of them take a picture. How do they monitor speed? How strict are they? Has anyone been given a ticket as a result of one?


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You normally see them at roadworks on the motorways but,.they are used extensively elsewhere as well. There are at least two sets (about a mile apart) and they calculate the time it takes you to get from the first set you pass through ..to the second set.
They use the 'numberplate recognition stystem'. They don't flash and you get a NIP through the post within days. Very efficient way of getting more money.
On another note. Have you noticed that, when a motorway is reduced to two lanes, they nearly always put 50 mph speed limits on. So.. why are dual carriageways not 50 mph!!?.

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PS. I don't know what planet 'rswdew' is on!?


It means they time you between a set distance, so they know how far you've travelled and in what time, so they can accurately calculate your speed. Yes they are strict with them becuase on the motorways they tend to use them in roadwork areas. They work by number plate recognition and see every car, all day long, oh and they dont flash either.

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They judge your speed by how long you take to get from camera to camera or something Ive seen them about too.

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these signs mean that your car is monitored throughout the speed restricted zone and the average speed worked out by a computer attached to the cameras (usually more than 2 cameras are in operation at once). if your average speed is higher than the restriction in place then you could face a speeding fine.
I haven't been caught by these as I make sure that I don't speed through these zones.

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The previous answers are correct. They are designed so you can't "cheat" i.e slow down for a camera, then accelerate away.

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On the plus side, you have good warning that these cameras are operating.


They are used to study the average speed and flow, in an area, to determine whether it would be safe to raise the speed limit or input traffic control devices in the area. This helps the flow of trafffic and frees up gridlock. They are for studies, not for ticketing.

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The camera's are placed at set distances across the area and they take a digital picture of each car. The technology is then able to work out the speed of the car by the time difference between each camera.

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It is designed to stop motorists slowing just for the camera. There is no way of avoiding slowing down unless you want a ticket.

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a lot of people my husband deals with at work have been ticketed.it is triggered by ur front number plate
if u want to avoid this and speed get a motorbike they r not recognized as they do not have front number plates

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They basically measure your speed from one point to another and then take the average. A random amount of cars are chosen and then your average speed is checked, if its over the stated limit then you could get a ticket. One way to avoid this is to change lanes fairly frequently, its harder to track that way...either that or STICK TO THE SPEED LIMIT lol :o)
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