Anyone have any information or experience with Nissan Muranos?

I am looking to buy but am not sure what year. I noticed a lot of 2003 models for sale. Does anyone know if this year was not a good one for the Murano?


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I sell cars for a living and I have sold 2003 Muranos. I can't say I ever heard any negatives about this model or year.
The main reason you see more 2003's out there is that 2007 models are on the ground. The vast majority of car buyers trade every 3-4 years, so the life cycle of the 2003's has reached it peak in the used car market

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nissan is a good car honda not one i drive was ranked best for price and quality

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i have a friend that has a Murano and she loves it! Some of the features she has on hers is a camera by the liscense plate, touch to open your vehicle, and touch start up...she really loves it

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03 is the first model year for the murano and I would recommend that you make sure all maintenance has been done .. the vehicle has a cvt trans which is not cheap and a vq35 v6 which is motor that needs regular oil changes due to variable valve timing system also the murano has several recalls which can cause headaches .. all and all muranos are OK vehicles

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bluegti has it right however not so many recalls for them, seatbelts and tankguards. Wait till they release the diesel powered version in 2008, Just watch it fly out the showrooms then!!

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its a nice car but I'm having problems with my car (seems i got the 1 out 10 Asian cars that ar messed up) they got a big blind spot they are not that good on gas 15-16 mpg city and it has a new CVT transmission its a transmission that works on a pulley system and there is no shift shock or any of that so it feels very different
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