What are the biggest tires I can fit on a 97 Chevy full size pickup witha 3 inch body lift??


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at least 33s if not 35s

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You probably won't be able to go over 33" tires but 33";s will fit.

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i had a 97 chevy short bed ext cab 1500 z71 with a 3 inch body lift and i fit 35's on it but they rubbed a little bit around turns, not bad enough that i had to swap to 33's though.

I'm looking for chassis bushings (8) for a 96 chrysler concorde.?

The only thing a body lift will help with tire clearance is that it will raise the top of the fenderwell. You will still have to deal with frame to tire clearances, side of the fenderwell to tire clearances, as well as added stress of the larger tires on the stock suspension pieces. You can run 33s with a 3 inch body lift, however you will still experience rubbing at some point or another, and 35s will rub every time you turn the wheels.
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