What brand/model of car that has a built in thing....?

that alerts you when something is behind you like a child you can't see?


1995 toyota 4runner, when it gets hot it wont start.?

Lexus RX300 is the first car came out with the rear view backup camera using the Navigation screen to show what is behind your car when you put your gear in "R" position. By then a lot of others car makers are having this as an option. Before the backup camera technology, they use the backup sensor to sense how close the object is behind your car.

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A lot of Infinitys have the cameras and are better to use than the beeping nois you get from the other cars.

My car is pre 1980 and has 13 in the vin how do i know what year it is ?eather a 69 or 70?

Many cars have this option and it is standad on a few. You can also get an aftermarket kit to adapt it to vehicles with out this option. There are just too many to list.

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2007 Hummer H2 has a rear back up camera that work with out backing up.
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