1995 Isuzu Rodeo "ticking sound"!?

Just recently at 100,000 miles my rodeo starting making this loud ticking sound and i've noticed when in traffic. I've come up to other rodeo's that have that distinctive ticking coming some where in or around the engine. If anybody can help me narrow it down so maybe i can get the fixed. Before having to spend 100 bucks for a diagnostics test. Thanks everyone!


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A diagnostics will show nothing.
It is most likely a lifter. Or a belt tick. spray a little water on the belt while running. if it quits then it is the belt.

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otherwise you might run some Kendall engine cleaner through it. this helps clean the oil passages and frees up sticking lifters. it is a quart size so a couple of oil changes are due. You don't want to run the Kendall in there too long, 1000 miles or so. Rislone is another brand of cleaner but it is real thin and will clean 'er up real nice

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Probably a valve lifter.

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its probably your oill..

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could be a lifter or could be your EGR system...100,000 miles? ever had the catalytic converter replaced?

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Valve lifter could be the cause but a leak in the exhaust manifold will produce a very similar ticking sound. Check that you don't have broken bolts or bolts with missing heads holding the manifolds to the heads. Broken manifold bolts are a very common cause of the evil ticking sound. Especially in 4x4's because of the rougher terrain and angles they may have encountered on trails. The extreme heat these bolts have to deal with will weaken them over time also.
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