!994 Mazda 626 with a 2.5 v6, automatic. It runs great except for when I accellerate hard with it.?

It runs and drives great if I drive like a "little old lady". But if I beat on a little, like over 4000 RPM,s the engine shuts off like I shut it off with the key. Then it takes a few seconds to start it back up. I have a new fuel filter and good fuel pressure...I can hear the pump running when trying to restart it. It's wierd...I can be sitting in the car idling in"Park" and then jack the gas to over 4000 and the tachometer will drop to zero even before the engine stops revving down to zero, like an electrical issue.I have put new plugs/cap/ rotor in and same thing...I have even tried a new engine computer but same thing happens. If it's my distributor that's faulty ...why does it run so well at lower RPM's? BTW Just over 100,000 miles and it's not throwing any codes.


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sounds like the ignition coil trigger mech (optical sensor for turning the coil on & off) is faulty. when u are going over 4000rpm the signal is prob. cutting out causing the distributor to cut out & die. ive seen this once b4. only it was lower rpm (3500rpm)

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Might be a bad speed sensor causing your troubles, even if its not throwing a code.
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