What do you think of a 2005 or 2006 neon for a new driver in 2009?

Is it an ideal car for a new driver? is it good? this car will have been used only slightly by an 83 year old woman...just to drive to church 2 miles away? is it a good idea, considering that this woman will let this new driver have the car for a reasonable price?


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A knowledgeable friend has a Dodge Neon '05. I ride in it often.
Super mileage & gas efficiency around town or on Highway!
A part went out causing a trip to dealer under 5 yr warranty.
He does lube & oil changes like clockwork & it serves him very
well. It's very roomy for tall, long legged people like us. He did
comparison study before making this his choice. It greatly cut
his cost on a work commute 60 miles one way, 5 days a week.
I hope this deal goes through. Driver & passengers will be glad!

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i own a repair shop ,and the neon's are really good little cars,that's why you see so many of them on the road now,but that would be a real good deal for you providing it doesn't get damaged before then ,your thinking pretty far ahead here,and you may even find something else you like a lot better between now and then,but that would make you a good car,good luck hope it works out for you.

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get a bike it's healthier and you won't polute too much

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I have owned four Neons ranging from '95 though '05. All have been good cars. Consumer Reports, never a Neon admirer, rated the '04 and '05 Neons as worth a look for a used car. The last year for Neons was 2005. The Neon has always been praised for its brakes, handling, roomy interior and economical purchase price - good qualities for a new driver. Because ABS (anti-lock braking system) was an option on most Neons, I would buy one with this feature if possible. Good luck on your first car!
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