1963 Jensen car?

I just picked up my car, a SEAT from the garage and the fella was fixing up a Jensen inter (something )car.. it was gorgeous, he was telling me they do 12 miles to the gallon..but what a car.

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I've never heard of Jensen, where are they from and what was it an inter??
just so I say it to the fella's in work


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Jensen was a British manufacturer of sports cars and commercial vehicles. The most popular of their sports cars were the 541R first designed in 1955, and its successor the CV-8 launched in 1962. The Interceptor was launched in 1966 so it was unlikely that this was the model you seen.

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The Jensen Interceptor was a sporting GT-class car hand-built in the United Kingdom by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976. The car broke with Jensen tradition by having a steel bodyshell instead of glass-reinforced plastic and by having the body designed by an outside firm, Touring of Italy, rather than the in-house staff. The early bodies were Italian-built, by Vignale, before production began in West Bromwich.

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The engine was a Chrysler V-8 initially of 6276 cc (383 c.i.) with optional manual (Mk I, only few built) or TorqueFlite automatic transmissions driving the rear wheels through a Powr-Lok differential in conventional Dana rear axle. The engine grew to 7212 cc (440 c.i.) in late 1971 with 4-bbl carburation. The SP (Six-Pack) model of 1971-73 offered 3x2-bbl carburation, only 232 built and has the distinction of being the most powerful car ever to have been made by Jensen.

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The Mk II was announced in October 1969, revised frontal styling and vented disc brakes. The Mk III of 1971 had revised seats, fully-cast alloy wheels plus some other improvements. The Mk III was divided to G-, H- and J-series, depending on the production years. The "J" version of Interceptor III was the most luxurious Jensen built.

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Jensen were one of the first manufacturers to equip a production car with four-wheel drive, in the shape of the 1967 Jensen FF (Ferguson Formula). At the time it was hailed as a remarkable development, coming also with anti-lock brakes and traction control. The car was four inches (100 mm) longer than a 'standard' Interceptor, with the addition of two side vents on the front flanks. Press from the time quote "drag-strip" performance when describing the car.

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Jensen Interceptor. Fantastic British car, 6.7litre V8 (I think).

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The Jensen Interceptor was introduced in 1966 http://www.answers.com/topic/jensen-moto...

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And yes, they go like stink (chased one whilst driving a Granada 2.9i Ghia and he lost me when I topped out at 140mph, on a track of course (cough!)). Pass anything except a petrol station.

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Mate of mine used to have one only prob was that being automatic did nt change into 3rd until it was doing over 100mph.hence poor consumption

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If you watch the TV look out for the advert in which vinny jones breaks down and goes off running through the woods ... whilst his Mrs phones the RAC.... Look at the car ..... Thats a Jensen Intercepter.
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